Art — Portal For Your Depth & Evolution

What if Art was a medium? A vessel? A Goddess who took you on a journey into a new, magical, world?

Into that inner world you spend your days avoiding.

With Art, we learn to lose our smaller self, and discover a wider field of possibilities.

We open ourselves to more. More feeling, more being.

Time Was Soft There: One of my favorite books in high school

Not being any thing, or any one … just more being. In the moment, capturing something beautiful or deep.

Maybe looking a good question straight in the face. Or straight in the senses, tickling a new place in our psyche.

Sometimes, the art pokes at something mysterious we are afraid of but want to see. Something we know, but have trouble putting words to…

Art has always lured me in. Called my soul. Spoken to the depths of my being. It is as poignant as philosophy, and yet speaks a language so simple it offers itself to any one who enters.

Art is a lifestyle that begs you to play.

It is a way to be constantly engaged in the depths and beauty of things.

Living in FLOW means living artfully. It means being the artist of your life.

Tap into that field that artists inhabit and you WILL discover that same inspiration within YOU.

The word “inspiration” comes from the Latin inspirare, “to breathe into,” inspire.

Art is about breathing new life into the world. Birthing. Creating a new world.

It is a great portal towards the Essence of who you are as a human. A magic you breathe out, just like Life itself breathed you into Life.

Being in your feminine means being an artist. Being an artist means stepping into your power as a Creator.

Creative power is the essence of the feminine.

The kind of artists I appreciate most and who have baffled me include painters and sculptors, designers, and musicians who have shown me something beautiful.

Chad Knight’s Digital Imaginings

With her voice, this 13 year old girl made my heart wriggle in awe:

She has a whole a deep soul you can witness through her music (I spent an entire evening watching her videos!!)

And art is not just for the talented. It is a medium to unpack more of YOU.

So why not tap into the artist in you?

From dabbling with drawing, to writing a book of poems that is currently being printed with a publisher in the US, to singing and dancing like a wild woman — art has been a savior for my soul.

And it can be an ally for you too.

What is the art that wants to speak through you?

Is it a dance, a portrait, a song? Or maybe you’re like my friend Ramsey Kattan who creates these intriguing Shamanic images that probably only he will ever know the meaning of.

Ramsey’s drawings have a language of their own

Join Art on the adventure.

Unravel the beauty and depth that want to speak from inside you.

Because it’s time.

The world is waiting for your expression.

Thank you for reading this article. If you enjoyed and would like to take your own personal journey to the next level, feel free to get in touch with me to book your complimentary coaching discovery session.

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